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Where to ski – February Half Term

February Half Term – Family Ski Holiday Guide

If your Family Ski Holiday is fixed to school holidays, skiing at February Half Term is “the time to go”. The skiing conditions are good and fresh snow is normally on the agenda.

If you compare February Half Term to Christmas and Easter:

  • It’s the most snowsure school holiday.
  • It’ll be warmer than Christmas and cooler than Easter.
  • The snow conditions are better than both.

However you’ll need to compromise to get these conditions:

  • The prices for accommodation can double for these weeks.
  • Flight prices go up.
  • The slopes will be busy.
  • Ski schools are normally full.

How to get the most out of it

There are a few ways to reduce the costs of a family ski holiday at February Half Term:

  • Book in advance – in May and June many companies, such as Pierre et Vacance, offer early booking savings.
  • Be flexible when or how you travel
  • Focus on smaller or lower resorts

Cheaper travel options for February Half Term

The first big way to save is to look at alternatives to flying.


Compared to flights, channel crossing prices stay pretty fixed. If you live in the Midlands or further South driving to the Alps is a great option. It’s also not far off time wise with a flight, when you tally up:

  • Travel to the airport, 1hr
  • Time waiting around the airport, 2hr
  • Flight times, 2hr
  • Time getting out the airport (baggage, collecting car/ transfer etc), 2hr
  • Transfer time, 3hr

Total 10 hours

Compare this to a 12 hour journey by car:

  • Use Eurotunnel to save time and hassle
  • No baggage limits
  • Cruise control down the peage.
  • Your own space
  • Being in charge of your own destiny.

To make it less of a slog our recommendation would be to stop at a Novotel or similar near Reim to break up the journey.


The snowtrain is not as popular as it should be and if you are travelling from London and the South-East to the Three Valleys, La Plagne or Les Arc in particular it’s easier than flying.

The Snow Train leaves London St Pancras Around 19:40, stopping at Ashford and arrives in Moutiers, Aime-la-plagne and Bourg St Maurice the following morning. Visit Snowcarbon for more information, including timetables and train guides.

If you do have to fly

If you are going skiing at February Half Term try and be a bit more flexible:

  • Look at flying on the Friday, stay in a hotel at the bottom of the mountain. Then drive up first thing….this will also gain you an extra days skiing.
  • You may need to fly to a smaller airport, such as Grenoble instead of Geneva

Where to stay at February Half Term

A bit like during the summer everywhere is expensive in February, but you can lessen the blow by taking one of the following compromises:

  • Stay in a lower resort
  • Stay a bit further from the lifts/ slopes
  • Chose a smaller lesser known resort
  • Opt to stay in a smaller apartment

As with the other psste guides I’ve aimed to find two bedroom accommodation, however to show savings I’ve included some one bedroom apartments with sofa beds.

Tignes – February Half Term Accommodation

Tignes is well known and justifiably so, with lakes and tree lined slopes it’s a family ski holiday dreamland. Part of the Espace Killy the slopes are well laid out and connected to Val D’Isere, Espace Killy Piste Map.

Throughout the valley there are multiple villages, which is perfect if you are willing to compromise on altitude (which you can in February). Additionally you’ll need to catch a lift up to the main ski area. I’ve included accommodation at varying altitudes so you can compare the compromises

Chalet Brizolèe – Le Brèvières

Le Brèvières is at 1550m, just below Tignes and this three bedroom apartment is an absolute gem, particular if you have older kids or a slightly bigger party. For £2375 you’ll get a large, modern and well reviewed apartment close to the Le Brèvières gondola lift.

However being in Le Brèvières you’ll need to catch three lifts to get into the main ski area each morning. However for kids you are linked into a network of Blues and Reds. On the way home you’ve got a variety of slopes to chose from.

Rèsidence La Daille – La Daille

La Daille is mid way between Tignes and Val D’Isere. Rèsidence La Daille is close to the Funnival lift, which takes you to the top of Rocher de Bellevarde from where you can drop into Tignes or Val D’Isére. The apartments are only 1 beds, but if you’ve happy to sleep on a sofabed you’ll save £800 compared to Chalet Brizolèe £1603.

Belle Plagne – February Half Term Accommodation

I seem to recommend Belle Plagne a lot, but for a resort at 1800m you get real value for money staying there. You can stay at La Néréides and have ski in/out accommodation on the slopes for £1,847 for a 1 bedroom apartment or £2,354 for a 2 bedroom apartment. Read First Family Ski Holiday or my Belle Plagne – Family Ski Holiday Guide for more information on the resort and accommodation.

February Family Ski Holidays?

So should you go skiing at February Half Term…. If you can afford it and stand the crowds you’ll get payback with great conditions. However personally if I could ski at any time I’d go late January or early March to avoid the madness. Or if I was confined to school holidays I’d probably ski high at Easter.